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The Dark Secrets of Wolf Point Series

About this Amazing Series

If you are into the paranormal, the supernatural (werewolves, witches, etc...), family, small towns and most of all Welsh-Corgi's, then look no further.  

This series is based around four friends that have become closer than family while investigating the paranormal and helping the towns folk of Wolf Point.  What they don't know is that while they are investigating the town and the paranormal, they are learning about how interconnected they are with each other, along with the history of Wolf Point.  

Jesse is the leader of the team and unbeknownst to himself, a werewolf and true leader of the Wolf Point pack.  He lives in a log cabin, high in the mountains.  He is a introvert and prefers to keep to himself when he and his team are not working paranormal cases.  Jesse is very level headed and a great leader and will always do all he can for the residents of Wolf Point, but most of all, for his family and to keep them safe.

His closest friend, Hunter, protects Jesse against the paranormal and so many other things that Jesse is unaware of.  Hunter is leader pro-tem of the Wolf Point pack and knows that the time is not right to bring Jesse fully into the fold, so he keeps Jesse in the dark to protect him.  Hunter is a huge werewolf himself and has been able to keep the other packs at bay all by himself along with keeping Jesse isolated from it all, but he knows that time is running out and Jesse will need to assume his rightful spot as head of the pack soon, before it is too late.

Tiffany is Jesse's one and only true love.  She is a fiery red-head that is tough as nails but has the biggest heart in the town.  She takes care of her boys while also keeping them in line.  She is definitely the mother of the group and the boys rely on her as such, and she wouldn't have it any other way.

Then we have Scotty, Jesse's other close friend.  He is the tech side of the paranormal team and the comedian of the group.  He is a down to Earth man with simple tastes.  He owns the book store in Wolf Point and does most of the research that the team needs to complete their investigations.  

And if that wasn't enough, there is Tasha, the tri-colored, Welsh-Corgi pup.  She tags along on all the investigations and is the pride and joy of the entire family.  

When the team is not investigating the paranormal, Jesse and Tiffany stay at their cabin.  Tiffany helps out at the hospital and the elementary school in Wolf Point (along with Tasha, of course).  Scotty runs his business and lives in Wolf Point.  Very little is known what Hunter does with his free time.  Most of the time, he stays at the cabin, but he has been known to be gone for days at a time.   The cabin is surrounded by snow covered mountains, a beautiful blue flowing creek that runs around the property, a thick forest of pine trees and clear mountain air.  

Family is at the core of this entire series and as you read and learn about the characters, you will see how they always have each others backs and will do whatever it takes to keep everyone safe and returning home.

If you are ready for a new twist on an old legend, then get started on this series.  I don't think you will be disappointed!

Welcome to Wolf Point!!

Thanks!!  Sean


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Sean's own paranormal team's findings!!

The picture to the left is an actual picture of spirits that Sean and his own paranormal team caught on camera!  It has not been altered in any way!!


Book 1 - Battle on the Homefront

The story takes our family/paranormal team on an investigation to a place where they never thought they would have to investigate--their own home!  This new investigation has the family rushing to protect themselves while dealing with a new enemy in their own home along with an 150 year old curse that keeps a family from moving on. 

We get to learn about the family and some of their pasts.  We get to explore the town of Wolf Point and how it ties in with our families pasts.  Then if that wasn't enough, you're going to meet our favorite welsh-corgi, Tasha! 


Book 2 - The Butcher of Wolf Point

The butcher has not bothered Wolf Point in years, but that is about to change. There was a time when the butcher was a prominent figure in Wolf Point.  But now, just mentioning his name runs chills down the spines of the towns folk.  

We also get to meet a new family member and see a different side of Hunter.  Scotty has to learn to deal with a new issue that he hasn't had to in many years.  We also dive further into Wolf Points past and meet some of the people that make up the town of Wolf Point. 



Book 3 - The Weeping Widow

Jesse's world is about to be flipped upside down on him.  Everything that he thought he knew about his past and his family is going to be put to the test, thanks to the new family members, Aiden, Amelia and her brothers.  

The team is going to meet and do battle with Torin and the Weeping Widow (Brynn).  They will quickly learn that they are the worst enemies that they have ever come across.  We are going to dive even further into Wolf Points past with another investigation and begin to learn how Clear Creek ties into Wolf Point. 


Book 4 - The Weeping Widow, Part 2

The continuation of book 3 does not slow down with book 4.  Jesse is confronted with being the Wolf Point pack leader.  Brynn and Torin throw everything they have at the team, while Aiden fights for his very soul.  The Blackberry pack comes to light (and to the rescue) of the Wolf Point pack.  Scotty and Morgan take their relationship to an entire new level than they ever thought possible.  

And if that wasn't enough, Tasha is right in the middle of it all!!  

Buckle up for the exciting conclusion to the The Weeping Widow story!  

(Due to be released around Fall 2019!!)


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"A suspenseful ride through the paranormal world, with lovable one-of-a-kind characters and twists and turns to the very end...this book is a must-read!"


"I seriously can't get enough of this series!  Each new book is more intriguing than the last.  The more I read, the more I feel connected to the characters.  Keep them coming!"


"This book truly has an aspect that I did not see coming.  If you're looking for a book with lots of twists and turns, then look no further!"

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